margot wiburd - minimalist australian still life artist

'Shift #1' - pastel on paper
(now available as a giclee print)
78cm x 63 cm

'Shift' pastel on paper

Art for minimalists

Australian artist Margot Wiburd creates velvety pastel still life drawings and oil paintings that evoke a sense of harmony while being gently understated. Her art subjects are selected for their subtle beauty - a Japanese bowl, a single, hand-crafted vessel, a jade bracelet...

Her palette is limited, to accentuate mood and above all, generate a feeling of space. This is art that loves room to breathe...

Recently, Margot's subject repertoire has extended to dogs, a reflection of her deep commitment to animal aid organisations.

With a background in fine art, film and writing, and classical art training in France, Margot works alternately in each of these areas. She is currently writing a book to raise awareness for the extraordinary Arunachala Animal Sanctuary & Shelter, which is responsible for saving thousands of stray dogs in South India.




I have just finalised my one year artist residency at CASM, the Mandurah Centre for Contemporary Art, with a solo exhibition planned for Jan/Feb 2015. New art pieces coming soon...


I recently visited an extraordinary animal shelter in India, which - with a core policy of love and kindness - rescues, heals, vaccinates, rehomes (where possible) and absolutely gives all to lift suffering from India's stray dogs. The love and dedication of all there is amazing. BUT....

right now, this precious rescue shelter is in urgent financial need. Any help you can afford them will be GREATLY and sincerely appreciated. Please visit their website and fall in love with them...and please donate. Whatever you can give will really make a difference.

Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter

With sincere thanks.





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