margot wiburd - minimalist australian still life artist

Still life art

This is a selection of my still life art - principally oil paintings and velvety pastel drawings that explore the twin themes of beauty and space. Breathing space...

I paint objects that move me and continue to resonate quietly in the background long after I've transformed them into art. I am a "slow artist", returning to my work after leaving it to mature for a little while, so I can discover with a fresh eye the nuances that make it live for a long, happy time. My credo is "less is more". Away with clutter and noise. Focus on the few precious things you love. Quality, not quantity.

pastel triptych of handmade ceramic pastel triptych of round ceramic bowl with pink surrounds
pastel triptych of single bowl
oil painting of simple japanese bowl
pastel triptych of ceramic bowl  

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