margot wiburd - minimalist australian still life artist

The dog behind the artist

The day Cass waddled into my life - a grossly overweight 4 year old Rottweiler demanding that I adopt her - was the day I learned the meaning of unconditional love.

Cassie runs my life. She sets my schedule (which revolves around her), keeps my feet on the ground and a smile on my face.

A week after she arrived, I helped save Cassie from almost certain death. My vet and I discovered she had advanced heartworm, and we treated and defeated it. Cass and I bonded during the delicate recuperation process, at which time I learned of her spectacular couch-hogging skills.

Margot and Cassie (RIP 8.12.08)

Update April 2007:
In August, Cassie was diagnosed with canine MS (degenerative myelopathy). She was supposed to be unable to walk by April, but she and I never really believed that and she remains strong and active thanks to lots of exercise, a fabulous home-cooked diet, a younger boyfriend (Bobby, my golden retriever stepdog) and a plethora of vitamin and mineral supplements - as per the advice followed on an excellent website concerning degenerative myelopathy in dogs:

Update June 2008:
We are now facing a new challenge - bone cancer (osteosarcoma) in Cass's front left shoulder, confirmed on 20th June 08. Because of her MS and her age (9), the vet and I decided against amputation. So I am treating her rigorously by alternative means, using 'Zeolite Enhanced' drops as a mainstay of the treatment, together with a range of other fantastic, potent, anti-cancer remedies. The latest and most encouraging of these is Artemisinin. Added to these supplements is a great, wholly organic, home-cooked diet with plenty of freshly caught herring and laughter and exercise - all the enemies of cancer! As at mid October, we are still doing well!

A big thank you to George and Sue who run an excellent Australian canine cancer website. They helped me enormously (and kindly) and are well worth a visit: Their article about Artemisinin, a fabulous natural cancer fighting product, will give you hope! Read this at
The website also features other excellent products, such as K9 Immunity.

I already saved her life once, but Cass has saved mine many times over, in so many ways. Now we are going to keep this gorgeous gal going for as long and healthily as possible. Please send us your positive thoughts! Click here for more pics on the artist's dog.

Best wishes and good health from
Margot and Cassie.

Update January 2009:
I lost my beloved Cassie on 3rd December 08. She passed away peacefully with her head on my lap, as I spoke to her of walks and beach and bones and dinner and the names of all the people who loved her. We thank all the people who helped us along the way. Cass had a wonderful life, and was wagging her beautiful stump right up to the moment we decided to stop her pain. Right now, my heart is in a million pieces. But I'm working on being happy again, because Cass would want it that way. Cass is now a beautiful, proud, happy, healthy Rottweiler Angel. Go Angel Cass!

Update April 2009:
Cassie still rules my heart, but a new little poppet - Molly, a rescue pup from new south wales rottweiler rescue - has entered my life. It is early days, but Molly is already making her own special place in my heart. Life goes on after all.

Update January 2010:
Molly is one year old and I love her. She is different to Cass, just as every human is different, but it is an illuminating journey watching her develop and socialise, play and develop her very own personality. Life is good.

Update March 2017:
The years have passed and memories of Cassie still burn in my heart. Three years ago we lost Bobby, Cass's companion, to a rare form of skin cancer. I take comfort in feeling they are reunited. Meanwhile, Molly, now 8 years old, has totally captured my heart. I simply cannot imagine the world without our faithful furry friends!

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